About Us

Pagora Laser & Esthetics is born out of the passion of an immigrant Dermatologist, who wanted to pursue her own specialty in Canada. Pursuing Dermatology for FMGs in Canada is time consuming, if not impossible. Therefore this knowledge and love for the field of skin care has been sublimated to the practice of Medical esthetics without encroaching into the domains of Licensed Dermatologists.

We still follow our medical ethics, offering only those esthetic treatments that offer definitive results. Practicing our profession is of utmost importance to us than monetary gains. We tried to keep our prices to the lowest possible by keeping our overheads low.

Our opinions or advices regarding any skin conditions are free of charge. However any skin condition that needs further evaluation or treatment by Licensed Dermatologists will be referred to them.

Dr. Padmaja is the Chief Medical Esthetician. She is a qualified Dermatologist from India with more than 15 years of experience. During her practice in India, apart from Dermatology, she has gained modest experience in Lasers, Radiofrequency, Cryoablation and Chemical peels. During her 8 years of Dermatology experience in Kuwait at the Armed forces Hospital she served the armed forces and their families. As a member and volunteer of the Indian Doctors Forum, a leading social organization, she has also served the underprivileged workers from India and other nations through Health Camps. At that time her practice of Medical Esthetics revolved mostly around definitive treatments to reduce the psychosocial impact of various disfiguring skin ailments.

Her experience of not only the medical skin ailments but also of the cosmetic woes and the financial pain caused by the esthetic treatments has led to this humble esthetic practice.