• Dr. Padmaja Gorantla

Keratosis Pilaris

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Are you worried about small, rough bumps often described as chicken skin, chicken bumps or goose bumps. Here is the best answer: ‘Keratosis Pilaris’.

Though no clear cause has been identified, the condition often runs in families and is commonly associated with dry skin conditions such as Ichthyosis, Atopic Dermatitis, Xerosis, etc – mainly seen in children and adolescents.

General measures such as mild soap, cleansers and moisturizers work only in mild cases, however, dermatologists usually prescribe corticosteroid cream to get rid of inflammation and salicylic acid/urea preparations to improve the rough texture. If the problem persists after these approaches have been utilized, you can schedule a visit at our clinic for micro-dermabrasion which extracts the keratotic plugs (bumps) or receive treatment using our laser hair removal technology which removes trapped coiled hairs.

For further inquires, ask about a free consultation by phoning (902) 832-6179 or e-mail info@pagoraesthetics.ca.

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