Vellus hair is short smooth, hardly noticeable hair covering most of the skin surface especially seen in children and the elderly. However, it may also be quite visible in some young adults giving their skin, a fuzzy look, like that of a Peach.


Removing this Peach Fuzz by an expert brings out the underlying glow to the forefront, making the skin shine confidently like a Smooth Plum.


Only Dermaplaning, amongst all other Aesthetic procedures, offers the best solution!   It involves the use of a smooth surgical blade to gently scrape off this fuzz along with the superficial dead skin layers. Oxygen infusion and Photo rejuvenation therapies complement this procedure.


Results of Dermaplaning are instantaneous and last almost a month. Areas of the body most preferred are the Face, Back and Hands.

Price depends on the area(s) to be covered, the time needed and the need for other adjuvant procedures. The procedure itself is considered inexpensive by our customers.